Are you starting to think about introducing solids to your baby but not sure where to even start? Well this book is for you!

Learn the why, when, and how to introduce solids to your baby and lay the foundation for life-long healthy eating habits.

This book will provide an outline of the important skills needed for feeding as well as related developmental milestones, various approaches to introducing solids, and theories on managing mealtimes in the first two years of life and beyond.

  • Each page provides information that is backed by research as well as clinical and home experiences.

  • Learn about the skills necessary for baby to be a successful feeder.

  • Read about the benefits and challenges of various feeding methods.

  • What foods to offer in what order is discussed.

  • Learn how to feel comfortable determining if a food is safe for you baby to eat.

Stacia Paganelli, MA, CCC-SLP, CLC and Nicole DiMartino, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC are pediatric speech-language pathologists and certified lactation counselors who specialize in evaluation and treatment of feeding difficulties in infants and young children. They provide outpatient feeding services in Rochester, NY. Their website, Help With Feeding, provides developmentally-appropriate information on feeding with the goal of supporting parents of infants and toddlers struggling with breast/bottle-feeding as well as the transition to solids and table foods.